Mini Electric Massage Gun Muscle Relaxation Massager

Lightweight and compact design, you can put it in your handbag or pocket, use it at home, office, outdoor, or even on the trip, and it can help you relieve tight muscles and pain anytime anywhere. Great for personal use or as a sweet gift for family and friends.
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Lightweight and compact design that you can put in your handbag or pocket,
 And use it at home, office, outdoors or even on the trip,
It can help you relieve tight muscles and pain anytime and anywhere.
Great for personal use or as a sweet gift for family and friends.
4 speed selection up to 3200 rpm
 Including 4 replaceable massage heads
It gives you different targeted treatment for muscle groups.
 It is ideal for muscle recovery after a workout.

 Wireless and Rechargeable: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, with a capacity of 2000 mAh,
 It can last about 5-6 hours after a full charge
  Comes with a Type-C cable,
Our guide and only needs a regular USB Type-C cable.
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB
صورة : جهاز مساج العضلات المحمول شحن USB

Super Quiet and Safe: Made of food material, safe for human body; Powerful brushless motor with quiet slide technology, let you enjoy massage without disturbing others.
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