Shipping & returns

How long will it take to maintain my electronic device?

Our goal is to complete the maintenance process for all products within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the service center. But in rare cases may exceed maintenance for more than 14 working days. In the event of delay due to lack of spare parts or other reasons, we will contact you to let you know.

Can I extend the warranty period?

Unfortunately, we can not extend the warranty to our customers right now, but we are currently working to provide this service for a smoother shopping experience for our customers, so please come back and check back later for availability.

The device has stopped working, with whom I'm talking? Mall or machine factory?

If your device stops working for some reason during the warranty period, please contact us at or call us via number

+960126521258 (KSA)

 , And we will be happy to help you. Our working hours are 24/7

I have signed my phone, does the warranty include damage caused by accidents?

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover any damage caused by accidents.


Do I have to pay any shipping charges for the product sent for maintenance?

 Yeah ! , Shipping charges must be paid by 50%.

What if the maintenance team cannot repair the product?

In any case the inability to repair the product for some reason, do not worry, we will send a voucher worth the product. And you can use this coupon to buy what you want from the site!


My product is still in the warranty period, how can I fix it?

If your electronic device stops working for any reason, follow these steps:

Contact customer service at or contact us on our number

+960126521258 (KSA)

To start the procedure, please keep the original packaging of the product and the accompanying cards. You will be asked for the serial number on the box.

We will register your warranty service request and notify our delivery team to receive the product from you. We will not let you wait!

Once we receive the products, we will inspect and maintain them within 14 working days. In the event of any delay in the absence of the spare part, or any other reason, we will contact you to let you know.

 What type of defects is covered by the warranty of

Please note that this warranty applies in the event of any partial or total defect, as a result of a defect in manufacturing, during the warranty period. This warranty does not cover defects caused by other factors such as:

- Disadvantages resulting from natural consumption.

- Misuse, misuse, accidents causing damage, or failure to follow the operating instructions

- Leakable batteries

- The product is exposed to any liquid (not applicable to water proof devices).

- Perform any external maintenance or change of the product from another party other than or its trusted service customers.

- Use the product with inappropriate supplements (eg using different ink)

- Use accessories not compatible with the device's characteristics (eg batteries, tapes, cards, lenses).


 Does offer a guarantee policy for its products?

Most of the electronics come with one year's warranty in Saudi Arabia. You can easily inspect whether the product you like comes with a warranty by visiting the product description page. Detailed description will be included for the warranty period.