Premium with valU

Steps to purchase by installments

1- Download the application from here:



2- Record data and follow the steps

3- Calling 16671

4- Activating the account

5- Open the application and search for United media

6- Choose ALMALL

7- Choose your product

8- Complete the purchase

Enjoy all almallexpress products in installments with Valu




A monthly payment option for the ValU company


• If you are an existing registered valU customer ("you", "your customer", and "valU customer"), and you have an available valU balance associated with your valU account and record a good payment on your ValU purchases, you may be eligible to pay for your purchases through the trade site operated by united media in Egypt (the site) with monthly installments during a predetermined period of time.
• The option of monthly payments from valU is a facility offered to qualified valU customers through valU, a company registered in Egypt with commercial registration number 108873 and its registered office located in Hadayek Al Ahram - First Gate - 256 Area Z - Giza - Egypt. United media and its subsidiaries bear no obligation to you regarding the monthly payment option from valU.

• The monthly payments option from valU only applies to eligible products purchased through the website shipped by and / or any of its affiliates established in Egypt.

• The monthly payment option from ValU is not transferable and may not be combined with other options.

• The monthly payment option from ValU is not available to every customer and may not be available to you for all eligible products.

• When determining whether you (as a valU customer) qualify for the monthly payment option for value in relation to a specific purchase through the website, valU reserves the right to consider factors including your transaction history and previous products purchased using the valU monthly payment option and product price qualification.

• Every purchase you make using the monthly ValU payments option will be added to your outstanding balance with the total ValU value and you will be notified to the Egyptian credit bureau (I-score) along with the number and amount of the monthly payments.

• You will need to pay the full price of the qualifying product (including any applicable tax, shipping, or other auxiliary fees) that you choose to purchase using the ValU Monthly Payment option in subsequent monthly payments (including interest or associated fees including convenience or fees Late payment (as required).

• You authorize valU to collect your balance according to your preferred premium plan, which may range from 3 months to 36 months.

• valU may allow you to prepay the full remaining balance of the purchase at any time, but valU will not allow you to prepay a portion of the remaining balance. ValU may deduct the interest due from the remaining balance, depending on the time it was paid.

• ValU saves the amount resulting from any redemption to be used in purchasing another product with the same redemption amount. You will still be responsible for paying your monthly payment on the due date shown in the valU mobile app.

• valU does not allow you to dispose of merchandise purchased prior to the full settlement of the specified monthly payment plan. Any disposition to dispose of the goods purchased prior to the full settlement may expose you to criminal consequences in the event of default in the subsequent payment.

• In the event that you fail to pay two consecutive monthly payments, valU reserves the right to cancel this purchase and claim a full settlement of the outstanding payments without prior notice or warning to you.

• You acknowledge that, as the purchase is made through the website using the monthly ValU payments option, payment is subject to valU's valU terms and conditions. You have agreed and signed before and this is included in the valU application form. A copy of these terms is available on the valU mobile app.

• You are solely responsible for protecting the use of your Username, the OTP received on your registered mobile phone number from any third parties and / or any violations.


 Q: What are the criteria for merit to purchase products by now buying "Pay Now", "Monthly Payment" at "valU"?

a. To take advantage of "Pay Now, Pay Monthly Through ValU", to sign up to be a ValU Customer?

Q: How can I register with valU?

Download valU from AppStore or GooglePlay. Then select "Register" to fill in your data, then select "Apply now" to complete your registration within the application. Then visit any of our booths with the required documents and become our customer!


s. What are all the items I can buy from to take advantage of Pay Now, pay monthly using valU?

a. You can buy all the products available at using Buy Now, monthly payment with valU. The total value of the cart must be 1000 pounds or more.


Q: How can I benefit from Buy Now Pay and pay monthly with valU?

Just enter through the regular purchase. On the payment page, please select "Buy now" and "Monthly payment", then click the button to create an OTP and enter the received OTP on your registered mobile phone and click "send". Select the installment plan. You must obtain approval, and the products you purchased will be shipped directly to you.

Q: What is the minimum amount I need to shop to benefit from the purchase now, monthly payment using valU?

C. The minimum amount that you need to shop to buy now, monthly payment of 1,000 EGP. You can either buy any product with a value in excess of 1000 EGP or shop for multiple products with a value of at least 1000 EGP to take advantage of the "Buy Now, Pay Monthly with valU" offer.

Q: Do I need to pay anything extra to benefit "buy now, pay monthly with valU"?

No, there are no additional fees to be paid.


Q: Do I have to make any advance payment?

No, you do not have to pay any down payment and the entire amount is converted into installments. The charts are reviewed on a regular basis and may / are subject to change without any prior notice.

Q: When do I pay my installments? How can I find out? What are my premiums?

A. Your loan is booked 1-2 days from the day the application is registered. After your application is completely delivered, your loan will be booked by