Electromagnetic neck massager

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It treats neck pain, relieves vertebrae pain, and stimulates blood circulation Equipped with a separate massageIt treats neck pain, relieves vertebrae pain, and stimulates blood circulation Equipped with a separate massager for the back, shoulders and hands device for the back, shoulders and hands
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    An electrical impulse signal travels through the skin and acts directly on the sensory neurons to remove blood and pain.
     Warming up during the friction period, massaging the foot and kneading the dough to alleviate cold symptoms in the neck.
    3.3 Mode 15 big is your strength file that will meet your individual needs.
     U-shaped massage, compatible with streamlined and ring design with human cervix.
    5.3D smart mounting technology. You can easily place the electrode according to the curve of the neck.
     Suitable for neck, back, legs, waist etc., applicable to the whole body

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It works on massaging the entire body by controlling the speeds to what suits your needs, ending the pain of the neck, back and disc pain resulting from sleeping and sitting wrongly, it works effectively to stimulate blood circulation in the body and supports the thermal system to give you more relaxation
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Massager Back and Vertebra Massager With Heat

Advanced electronic technology massage system in the process of massage and elegant design (for the neck - shoulders - vertebrae - waist and buttocks - upper body and lower body) The latest device for the back and vertebrae is an alternative to physical therapy sessions specialized in spine and joint pain, slipped disc, shoulder muscle stiffness, peripheral neuritis . Disc pain
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LCD Therapy Massage Gun Percussive Vibration Muscle Massager Sports Recovery

The massage gun is suitable for recovery after sports fatigue, rehabilitation after sports injury, pain relief during the convalescence period of surgery, as well as reducing inflammatory reaction. Specifications: Power Charger ,Rated input:100~240V 50/60HzBattery ,Rated Voltage: 12V DC,Type: Li-ion,Capacity:2000mAh,Working Hour: 2-3 Hours,30 Levels Adjustment.Package Included: 1 X Massage Gun,1 X Big Round Massage Ball(For large muscle recovery)1 X Spiral Head(For joints of body)1 X Fork Leg Tip(For spine massage)1 X Flat Warm Up Tip(Full body)1 X Soft head(For sensitive tissues and joints )1 X Power Charger1 X User Manual
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The device contains 4 heads And 30 different speeds Digital screen charger
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the description: . It stimulates blood circulation. The fastest solution for back pain. The chair is equipped with 5 motors to perform a full back, shoulder and thigh massage and has 4 different massage programs and 3 levels of speed to ensure a full massage for all the muscles of the body. Equipped with a thermal system for the treatment of bones and pain relief. Designed to work on the lighter of the car while driving or operating in the office or home on a regular chip
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Thrive Powerfull Massager

Lightweight and easy to use for any part of the body, the power of the incomparable massage gives you the same effect as a manual massage as well as relieves you of daily stress and muscle pain. The best device to stimulate blood circulation and muscle stiffness, and it helps you get rid of back, neck, disc, feet and arthritis pain
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A pillow and a massager at the same time. USB charging, can be linked to laptop. Soft and comfortable feel. It contains two engines.
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Double head LCD Display Massage Gun Professional Deep Muscle Massager Pain Relief Body Relaxation Fascial Gun Fitness freeshippi
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Massage gun with back belt and vertebrae to get rid of pain

Device name: Belt gun for the back and vertebrae Device specifications: 4 types of massage heads Belt for easy back and shoulder massage It works to relax the muscles Pain relief The device has 5 different speeds
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