Lumbar spine belt

The belt to maintain and support the lower back vertebrae, suitable for everyone who suffers from lower back pain, especially the lumbar vertebrae, is made of high-quality raw materials and supports
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It is a supportive belt for the back muscles that treats back pain, herniated discs, and lumbar pain that extends for more than a week due to a number of reasons, including those related to weight gain and excessive pressure on the back and lumbar vertebrae, or because of the nature of work that imposes on the person a certain position such as sitting or standing for a long time Without taking a break, or because of exposure to various sudden air currents, or due to wrong sitting and increased pressure on the back vertebrae, or as a result of excessive muscular effort such as exercising with vigorous exertion, and the accompanying symptoms such as arthritis and spine curvatures, which can relieve The severity of the disease is 80% without the need for medical intervention

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