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SportQ Hand Grip Strengthener Kit, 5 Pack, Adjustable Grip Exerciser, Finger Stretch Resistance Expander Bands, Finger Strength Trainer, Hand Press Ball and Exercise Ring
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    • BEST EXERCISE TOOL:This set can enhance the muscle strength of the user's hand, training the user's hand has more strength, easy to grasp. This set can also make the user's arm muscles stronger and relieve pressure in arm areas. Our hand grip strengthener has a special effect for obesity people and people using mobile phones and mouse which make them suffer from wrist pain. Grip force trainer can be used for athletes and musicians
    • User Injury Repair: Our hand grip reinforcement kit contains an adjustable resistance trainer (0-125 lb/0-60 kg) and a finger extension strap. The user can use it daily and can recover user hand injuries, rheumatic arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, fractures, wrist fractures, tendon surgery.
    • DURABLE HANDLE KIT: We've designed this kit for everyone. Our handle set is perfect for improving strength, strength, and speed. We are not like other brand strengthening equipment, made of low quality materials. To ensure you have a good feeling when using it. We made this handle from high quality materials and have several pressure tested.
    • CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Our hand handles set is easy to carry no matter where you go. With this 5-piece set, we offer a carrying case that you can literally bring the handgrip tool anywhere you want to go - your office, gym, classroom, or bathroom. Our best hand strengthening kit helps you exercise no matter where and place.
    • What's in the box: Our hand strengthener kit includes 1 x adjustable hand handle with tabletop, 1 x finger, 1 x resistance stretch finger band, 1 x sturdy handle ring and stress relief ball with carrying bag.

    مجموعة مقوي تمارين اليد من 5 قطع من اي يو اي ال اي كيه، معدات تمارين القوة وتمارين الساعد والاصابع، اداة تمدد الاصابع، مقبض يد قابل للتعديل، حلقة تمرين وكرة مقبض للرياضيين والموسيقيين

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