The integrated massage chair works on the neck, back, vertebrae, foot and leg

Get rid of all body pain in one session, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet The chair that works with an advanced electronic massage system in the process of massage and a stylish design
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specialized in
• Spine pain and joint pain.
• Slipped disc.
Shoulder stiffness.
Peripheral nerve inflammation.
Disc pain.
It is also used in the following cases:
Lack of exercise.
Poor blood circulation.
Cold hands and feet.
👈 General weakness in the body.
Intense nerve weakness and nervous irritation.
Psychological and general disorders.
Pain in the waist and back.
Leg pain.
The race of women.
Muscle fatigue.
Joint wall inflammation.
Operating System:
• 6 different massage areas in the back and seat area.
• 3 massage degrees selectable.
• 9 selected massage programs.
• Remote control easily.
• Very handy and easy to store.

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