The Home Gym Extreme The Complete Home Gym Kit

An integrated set of exercises for all body muscles, and you will not need to go to the gym. Resistance ropes are one of the best sports tools that work perfectly on building muscle and burning fat
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MAgnetic TherApy Posture Corrector Body BAck PAin Belt BrAce Shoulder SupportPosture Corrector for Men and Women Upgraded Upper Back Brace for Clavicle Support Adjustable Back Straightener and Provid...A complete set of exercises for all body muscles, you will not need to go to the gym
Resistance ropes are one of the best sports tools that work excellently in building muscle and burning fat, and many consider it a better tool than carrying weights, and resistance ropes are used to tighten rubber ropes in certain positions that require more effort, and this contributes to burning fat and building muscle


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It warms and warms up all the muscles surrounding the knee, especially the quadriceps muscles, which are the first line of defense for the knee and are responsible not only for protecting the knee from shock and sudden movements or improper fall or sprain, but also are responsible for the work and movement of the knee A sound way of walking, bending, sitting, and getting up • Ease of use is what makes it the ideal solution for all knee pain. • • The device works in two ways • • • It works with infrared (infrared) with a circular massager useful in the work of massaging, improving and stimulating cartilage, ligaments and also muscles. • The device makes heating to the ends of the muscles surrounding the knee, which leads to the activity of those muscles and their complete readiness for any surprise movement. • The device benefits all athletes or non-athletes who perform work dependent on movement and the elderly who complain about the effects of aging. • You must use the device for 10 to 20 minutes before the start of any work, exercise or movement that will help you to perform all work easily and smoothly and you will touch the difference from the first use.
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