Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion for Full Back and Neck with Heat Function

The chair, which works with an advanced electronic massage system in the process of massage and elegant design
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Product Description
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Electric Portable Heated Kneading Shiatsu Neck Back Relax Massage Seat Cushion
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Massage Cushion
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Approx  5.5/6.4 kg
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Neck Shoulder Back
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* The massage belt is novel and descent designed with high quality PU and mesh, which is soft and durable..
* It's equipped with 2 pairs of totating massage balls with heating function. The massage balls can rotate in clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
* It adopts unique simulation of human hand massage to offer effective massage with proper strength.
* It's equipped with overheat protection device to offer you safe and reliable massage experience.
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Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction


1. 2 massage balls for kneading massage on neck, with clockwise and anticlockwise directions 2. 4 kneading massage heads with infrared heating can massage up and down on upper back, whole back and Lower 3. Vibration massage on hip 4. Three level massage speed optional 5.Three massage modes:Alternant/Fitful/Continuous 6. Manual infrared lights heating function 7. Equipped with car lighter cable, car, home and office use 8.Effectively reduce muscle pains, relieve fatigue
  • Description of product use effect

1.The massage cushion is novel and decent designed with high quality leather and mesh. It feelssoft and is durable.
2.It is equippedwith two kneading massage balls with heating function, and can massage clockwise and anticlockwise.
3.It adopts unique simulation of human hand massage to offer effective massage with proper strength.
4.It is equippedwith overheat protectiondevice to offer you safe and reliable massage experience.
5. Compact design is suitable for full body massage.
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