Medical back strap

If you suffer from severe pain in the back, pain, herniated disc and lumbar spine   That extends for more than a week. So, the back support belt treats back pain, cartilage slips, and lumbar vertebrae pain as a result of a number of reasons. Excess weight and excess pressure on the back and lumbar vertebrae, or because of the nature of the work that imposes a person on a certain position such as sitting or standing for a long time without taking a premium from Comfort, this belt enriches you and relieves you of all these pains
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Relieves sciatica pain caused by slipped cartilage and pressure on the nerves of the lower extremities of the back
It supports and tightens the muscles of the body, straightens the back and walks properly
Straighten the vertebrae by separating them by the air stretched inside the belt
It relieves numbness, tingling and muscle cramps and gives a feeling of relaxation and rest
Reduces the burden on the slipped cartilage between the vertebrae and returns them to their correct position
It prevents exposure to cartilaginous slides for people who drive the car for extended periods of time
Relieves bumps of cartilage, cervical, sacral and lumbar vertebrae
Relieves neck pain and prevents ligaments from over stress
Relieves pain resulting from wound operations

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