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Massager Neck Pillow Portable Electric

Massage the neck, promote your blood circulation and relieve fatigue,makes you relax whole day. if you are from those who drive for a very long distance , travel for alot of countries , work for alot of hours then this is the suitable product for you , don't hesitate to enter the comfort zone by purchasing it .
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The Description About Massager Neck Pillow


*Built-in vibration motor,can massage the neck, promote your blood circulation and relieve fatigue,makes you relax whole day.
LONG LIFE USAGE:The massage neck pillow made with a stable magnetic field and pure copper movement, can be continuously operated for a long time,can work longer.
LOW NOISE OPERATION:It is 30-45 dB when operating,it is quiet and soft,you can use it in your office,library and talk with your friends when using it.
HIGH QUALITY:It is made with high quality environmental safety,it can conduct the vibration efficiently also has a good liquidity.
COMFORTABLE SUPPORT:It is suitable size for your neck and it can perceive your movement and deformation, always keep fit with the neck to provide better support and protection for your neck


Massager Neck Pillow Portable Electric-

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