Home sauna device

A portable, easy-to-carry device that gives you a unique experience of a distinctive and very useful steam bath for the body
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An advanced home sauna
the benefits :
1- One of the benefits of saunas or steam baths is that they have a positive effect on the skin and also on ridding the body of toxins and harmful substances and opening the pores in the skin to increase the secretion of sweat and increase the rate of body disposal of toxins.
2- Sauna has several benefits, and of course it is useful for weight loss and relaxes nerves ((nerve problems of all kinds, muscle cramps and spasms because it relaxes muscles and nerves ... and opens the skin pores to allow them to regenerate, rejuvenate the skin and activate cells and has many benefits
3- The benefit of this heat is the exit of body sweat, and the more sweat increases, the effect of the bath as a cleanser and disinfectant for the body from toxins that come out with sweat .. The bath also leads to stimulating blood circulation and the body's systems in general.
Moreover, it is sometimes used simply to help the body relax and bring a feeling of comfort
The effect of the bath.
Provides the body with energy.
Eliminates muscle tension.
Relieves joint pain.
The body gets rid of toxins.
It helps to lose weight (by losing a quantity of body fluids with the occurrence of sweat, and it is said that it increases the efficiency of metabolism and thus increases the rate of food burning).
- It removes obstructions in the respiratory airways (useful in cases of bronchial irritation, asthma, cold and sinus obstruction).
It activates the skin and Ijmlh and cleans pores.
Stimulates blood circulation. It has a reduced effect of high blood pressure.
Relieves stress and anxiety, and combats stress.
4 It helps to dissolve grease, remove cellulite, and lighten the skin.
A mobile home sauna that can be used for slimming or skin cleaning
A few body fresheners can be added to the water to perfume palpationصورة : جهاز الساونا المنزلي