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heat massage gun

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Hot Massage Gun Deep Tissue,Muscle Fascial Gun with Handheld 32 Speeds
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    Why choose the WIWO Fitness Percussion Instrument Massager?



    1. Long Life Battery- Equipped with 1800mAh high-grade li-ion battery,our muscle massage gun can work up to 11 hours(low speed),takes 4 hours to be fully charged.


    2. 32 Adjust Speeds- Deep tissue massage gun with 32 adjust speeds,3200r/min to increase blood flow for effective relief of muscle soreness,32 adjust speeds meet all your needs. Suitable for professional athletes,gym-goers or people with injuries.


    3. 4 Gears Adjust Temperature- Hot massage gun with 4 gear head adjust, 1 gear up to 40 degree for muscle arousal, 2 gear up to 45 degree for break down lactic acid,


    gear up to 50 degree for break down lactic acid,4 gear up to 55 degree for deep hyperthermia


    4. 7.5mm Effective Deep Massage- This hot massage gun is different from 95% of all kinds of fascial guns on the market,it can transit vibration to 75mm deep muscles and instantly repel deep lastic acid.


    5. Lightweight & Handheld Massage Gun- Weight 0.77 lbs only,can be hold by one hand easily,can put in pocket,can be used for women and men,Comes with a travel case so that you can massage in the office or gym.



    Percussion Instrument Massager Details:

    Product Name

    Percussion Instrument Massager

    Place of Origin


    Brand Name


    Material stainless steel&ABS
    Battery capacity 1800mAh
    Speed 3200r/min
    Voltage 7.4V/2A

    144*102*59 MM

    Weight 350g

    50 pcs


    Eco-friendly, Anti slip, Biodegradable


    fitness Exercises, home gym

    Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, UL
    SKU WSG11




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    Strong power reaches your deep muscles 32 gears for intensity adjustment, and 4 gears forhot compress temperature regulation; 1800mahbattery capacity; 3200r/min rotating speed; 0.35 kgweight; enable to penetrate into 10mm deepmuscles to defeat lactic acid produced bysports quickly and offer you comfortableexperience.


    4-gear regulation, hot compress with constant temperature the heat will be rapidly distributed at the bottom of the fascia gun evenly. 4-gear regulation can bring your body a warm energy spa hot compress mode: intelligent temperature control under 40 ℃ / 45 ℃, 50 ℃ / 55 ℃



    More humanized design:


    Integrated humanized and intelligent experience the built-in press feedback system enable to adjust the output power based on press force, which makes this product more humanized and intelligent.


    Allow your body and mind to be in silence this product with the noise reduction technology, whose sound is just like a whisper during usage can remove tiredness and pain in silence at home, gym and office. Let your body and mind in peace and comfort.


    Percussion Instrument Massager



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